Membership Fees

Individual membership $15
Family of 4* membership $25

*Family of four doesn’t have to live in the same address or be related. Just be 4 people who love the hawks.

Membership info

Please provide us with your name(s), address(es), email and payment to our paypal at Please select the friends and family option or you may pay by cash. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
Feel free to reach out to Marsha McGoveran as well as she is our membership point of contact.

Membership benefits

Some of the great benefits you get for becoming a TASH card carrying member:
Game day score prediction
Exclusive auctions, raffles, and give aways throughout the year
Member cards, talisman, and a bracelet or other small item
Field passes* (Please see our facebook page for explanation)
Membership appreciation day
Group tickets for away games(We work with other chapters to secure tickets for away games so we can sit as a group)
Last year card members from TASH, Austin, and Houston were able to go to the draft and were the ones on the field.
Also, we are a Booster club not just a fan club we rep the team and ourselves.

Benefits from the Team:
*If you know you are going to a home game we can send your name in to possibly get field passes. Meaning you get to go on the field for a tour before the game.
Again if in Seattle for a home game. You can enter Touchdown city (chapter members only) They host a tailgate type event and normally have a ex play or two for meet and greets.
Discount at Seattle and other chapters area watch locals and other places.