Events & Schedule

Week 1 hawks vs bengals

Sunday September 8, 2019 @3PM
First game of the season! Seahawks football is back we hope to see you there! Go Hawks!

week 2 hawks vs steelers

Sunday September 15, 2019 @11:55AM
We will be having a special guest coming in to hangout and watch the game with us. Let’s show them how TASH rolls!

week 3 hawks vs saints

Sunday September 22, 2019 @3:25PM
You know what we do raffles, friends, family, and fun. Can’t wait to see you all there. Go Hawks!

week 4 hawks vs cardinals

Sunday September 29, 2019 @3:05PM
The first match up with the cards and the first time we see the local from OU play us. Let’s show up and show our Boomer Sooners and 12s far and wide

week 5 hawks vs rams

Thursday October 3rd, 2019 @7:20PM
It’s our first matchup with the rams and TNF so get them sick days planned or save up PTO and be there with us. The Rams always give us a run and we can be there to cheer our boys on. Also the first game in October so wear pink and get an extra jersey jar ticket!

week 6 hawks vs browns

Sunday October 13, 2019 @12PM
Hawks take on the browns and former CB from OU. You all had 10 days to have a break so you should be rested up to come out and support the chapter. We love seeing each and every one of you. Its October so wear something pink and get an extra jersey jar ticket. As always Go Hawks!

week 7 hawks vs ravens

Sunday October 20, 2019 @3:25PM
Another battle of the birds but we will be the predators and they will be the prey. Wear pink and get an extra jersey jar ticket. Let’s go TASH we are about half way through the season don’t stop now, support the chapter, show up and out!

ATL Takeover rally

Announcing the Official Seahawks Takeover Rally, taking place at STATS in the heart of downtown Atlanta!
A $5 entry fee gets you access to the event, a commemorative wrist band, and automatic entry into an awesome door prize!
Proceeds will be donated to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, in honor of our friend, Brandon the Brave.
Watch for more info to come, including special guest announcements, t-shirt sales, and details of Sunday’s tailgate!
For more information checkout the facebook event*

*This is hosted by the Georgia Seahawkers

hawks vs falcons tailgate party

Come join us on October 27th for the Seahawks vs Falcons Pregame Tailgate Party located on the campus of Morris Brown College, 643 Martin Luther King Dr SW in Atlanta. The campus is located three blocks from Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Our All Inclusive Tailgate kickoffs at 9:30 am EST with DJ Dallas. Invitations are available at We also have onsite parking available to purchase in advance.
For more information checkout the facebook event*
*This event is not a TASH hosted event

week 8 hawks vs falcons

Sunday October 27, 2019 @12PM
We go down to the South to take on the dirty birds. This will be a great game and we need each and every one of you at the watch party to cheer, yell, and scream for our boys! This is the last watch party in October so make sure you wear pink!

week 9 hawks vs buccaneers

Sunday November 3, 2019 @3:05PM
You know how we roll TASH raffles, food, and fun!

week 10 hawks vs 49ers

Monday November 11, 2019 @7:15PM
MNF and the 1st time we play the 49ers. There will be free Budweiser swag! Let’s show them some love and have a great time! Go Hawks!

week 12 hawks vs eagles (TBD)

week 13 hawks vs vikings(TBD)

week 14 hawks vs rams (TBD)

week 15 hawks vs panthers

Sunday December 15, 2019 @12PM
We are doing it again and playing the panther’s, let’s bring another win against Cam! This is a noon game so let’s get them 12s far and wide back in OKC to watch this game! Go Hawks!

week 16 hawks vs cardinals

Sunday December 22, 2019 @3:25PM
I know this is right before Christmas but we would love to see you all before the holidays. Hope to see you there! Happy Holidays and Go Hawks!

week 17 hawks vs 49ers

Sunday December 29, 2019 @3:25PM
The last game of the regular season and I have a good feeling we will have a few more. So let’s get up and get out to watch the game together as a family. Plus who wants to cook right after the holidays? See you there TASH!